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A Warrior Cats Based Roleplay with original backstories and Clans

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Battle System

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All Warriors and rogues follow the standard tier listed under each move. Healers all use the Tier 1 damage, unless the Healer was a Warrior before, in which case they will use their tier's damage before they became a Healer.

Posting Order
When beginning a fight, all participating characters of the fight will have to arrange themselves based on their Focus stat, with the highest number being the first to post. If any character wishes to join the fight after it has begun, they must insert themselves in the line while also deducting 2 Focus from their number.

Battle Moves
Damage is calculated by the base rate of the character's tier damage, which will be listed for every move, as well as an addition of a stat. This stat will vary between moves; some moves will use speed, while others will use pounce or strength. The addition of these two numbers will be the final damage count.

Stamina usage is calculated by the number listed under each move. These do not vary between tiers.

Standard Moves
These are moves that all characters know, and can be used by all characters.

Standard Moves:
Clan Moves
Each Clan has different moves, unique to their own battle style. These are called Clan Moves, and may only be usable if requirements are met.
Clan of Twisted Brambles Moves:
Clan of Weeping Willows Moves:
Clan of Dancing Poppies Moves:
Outsider Moves:

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