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A Warrior Cats Based Roleplay with original backstories and Clans

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Hunting System

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1Hunting System Empty Hunting System Wed May 01, 2024 5:42 pm



Finding Prey
First and foremost, when beginning the hunt, the roleplayer must select one of the three senses(sight, scent, listen) from the Character's stats to be used. The stat will determine which prey, if any, is found by the Character. Prey encounter rates differ between seasons, territory, and stats.

The chosen scent must be the indicated number or higher
Stat Check One:

Hunting Prey
Next, the Character has to approach the prey and attempt to catch it. This is where the Focus stat comes in. The focus stat does not differ between territories, only prey and season.

Stat Check 2:

Catching Prey
The last step of hunting a prey is to catch it! This requires either the speed or pounce stat. Certain prey requires the strength stat as well, while others can't be pounced on. This check does not differ between seasons or territory, only between prey.
Stat Check 3:

Stamina usage
As prey is being hunted, stamina will be used up, regardless of whether the catch was successful or not. All attempts at hunting will consume 5SP, while hunting during Leafbare takes up 7SP.

How to use the system
At the start of the topic meant for hunting, the creater of the topic will note down the prey available to be found in the location at the top of the post.
for example, Prey: Fish or Prey: Rodents, Small Birds, Squirrels
Characters must include their stamina, the stats they're using and the prey they're catching/have caught at the top of each post
Please ensure that the stats stated are the updated stats of the character! If any skills are used, please include them as well.

What if I want to fail the catch?
No problem! This system is not complusory for all topics or posts. It has to be used to fill the ranking requirements, however.

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