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A Warrior Cats Based Roleplay with original backstories and Clans

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In-Character Rules

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1. Roleplay in third person.
2. All roleplaying topics are in past tense.
3. Please attempt to write with good grammar and spelling.
4. Do not post in closed topics unless invited to. We use [C], [O] or [Solo] in our topic titles to indicate if the topic is closed or open.
5. When joining an open thread, it's a good idea to stick with what is already going on.
6. We operate on what's called fluid time. This means your character can be in multiple threads at once, and even in be threads that take place in the past or future!
7. You must finish a topic with the same rank you started. This means that if your character started a kit as a kit, they must finish it as a kit, even after they have ranked up to a warrior.
8. Give other people time to reply. Each person has a bump policy; ask them what it is before you nudge them for replies!
9. It's always important to remember that everything in the RP is just that: RP, and you shouldn't take it personally or out of context. Sometimes members have characters that may be mean or rude, but keep in mind that whatever the character does is not a reflection of the member's personality.
10. No power-playing. Your character will know what they should know at that age and nothing more.
11. Keep the names realistic. While we don't have a stern system for names, certain prefixes, such as void- and crystal- will not be allowed. Reach out to a staff member if you are unsure of which prefixes and suffixes are allowed!
12. In-character actions can lead to your character being punished by the leader and/or healer.
13. There can only be a maximum of one permaqueen and four elders in each Clan.
14. All characters start as kits unless stated otherwise.
15. All members can have a total of 8 characters.
→ Everyone starts off with 3 base slots
→ Upon reaching a max tier for a character, you acquire an additional slot. This slot can be claimed twice at the same time, meaning you'd need two max-tier characters in your current roster to have both slots.
→ An additional slot is given for characters that retire into a permaqueen/elder. They now hold their own slot, clearing up an additional slot for other characters. This slot may only be claimed once.
→ 2 additional slots require sign-ups and approval by Staff. These slots typically involve Plot NPCs, NPC-born characters used to untangle bloodlines, characters for buffing a specific Clan, or characters involved in special events.
16. Each member may only hold onto one leader, healer or healer's apprentice at any one time.
17. Characters age at x12 time for kits, x3 time for apprentices and x1 time for characters 12 moons or older. This means that it would take 2 weeks for a kit to grow to apprentice age(6 moons), and apprentices would take take 2 months to reach 12 moons old.
18. Apprentices may only become warriors at 10 moons earliest and 14 moons latest. Valid reasons will be needed for ranking the apprentice at moons 10 or 14. Otherwise, the character must become a warrior at age 11 to 13. Ranking up the apprentice outside 10-14 moons will need Staff approval.
19. Queens must stay as queens for 1 month before the litter is born and 2 months after the litter is born. In special cases, the time may increase or decrease.
20. We allow 5 genders here: Male, Female, Non-binary, MTF and FTM. Please be respectful when roleplaying each gender.
21. Characters with disabilities(blindness, three-legged etc.) needs to be approved by Staff and will be carefully monitered to ensure that the disability is treated with respect.
22. All major plots must be approved by Staff first. These include but are not limited to: forbidden romances, murder, and invasion.

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