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A Warrior Cats Based Roleplay with original backstories and Clans

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Outside of Character Rules

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Social Conduct
1. Be respectful to other members. Discrimination against other users based on their religious beliefs, sexual orientation, ethnicity, age, gender, writing ability or disability is strictly prohibited.
2. No swearing or inappropriate content. If your message includes anything that may be triggering, you should spoiler it with a warning of the content's triggers. Failure to do so will result in warnings and eventual temporary bans.
3. No spamming. Please avoid posting the same few messages repetitively. If you have a question, Staff will get to you once they're awake and available.
4. Don't give out your personal information/password. The standard internet safety rules apply here. If anyone is caught asking or giving out personal information, disciplinary action may be taken.
5. Please make a member announcement if you're going to be away for an extended period of time. This helps members plan around your period of absence as well as know that you're doing alright.
6. Art theft, AI art and art tracing is strictly not allowed. Post templates may only be used with written consent from the original creator. If any member is caught breaking this rule, they will be banned automatically with a chance to appeal their case after six months.
7. Keep off-topic discussions in their respective boards There are several boards made for discussions outside of roleplay. If what you want to post does not fit in any of the boards, please approach a Staff member with suggestions for one that would cater to your needs.
8. This is a PG 13+ site. This means that all members must be age 13 or above in order to join.

Regarding the site
1. COS is a multiple characters/one account site. This means that you should only have one account. If you have lost your old account, you make a new one, but be honest about who you were!
2. We have a word minimum of 50 words per roleplay post. This is to ensure that your roleplay partner has enough contentto respond to!
3. Only roleplay as your approved cats, unless stated by Staff otherwise. This means that your character creation must have been approved by Staff before you can roleplay them.
4. If you have been away for some time and would like to bring back any of your old characters, please approach a Staff member.
5. No double posting in roleplay topics. You can go back and edit your post before another member posts. Solo topics are exempt from this. Double posts are allowed in off-topic boards and announcements.

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