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A Warrior Cats Based Roleplay with original backstories and Clans

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Clan Traditions & Customs

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The Healer:
"Messanger of Star, Gifted Upon Us, To Guide Us, To Save Us, Never Turn Away From Their Word, Less History Repeats Itself'

The Messanger of Star is the Clan's Healer and most trusted cat. The healer has an equal standing with the Leader, and serves as both a co-partner and an advisor. They are trusted to guide the Clan in times of trouble, and to heal clanmates when their bodies have fallen ill. After the leader passes, a new leader will be selected by the Healer. All ceremonies will also be performed by the Healer, as they are considered closer to the Stars.

Healers have a relatively normal life aside from having seperate duties from most warriors. There is no law prohibiting them from taking a mate or having kits, except that it should only happen when there is another fully-trained Healer to step in.

The Healer's Apprentice:
"Step Forth, Fated Child, And Take Up The Path Left To You By Ancestors From Times Past And Past"

The Healer's Apprentice is the apprentice of the current healers, and is in training to be a Healer. They stand above most warriors, but are still lower rank than the Leader and Healers. The Healer's Apprentice is not permitted to perform any ceremonies.

The Healer's Apprentice is prohibited from taking on a mate or having kits until they become a fully-trained Healer. They are expected to shed their old name and take on a new one, chosen by the Leader.

The Leader:
"Blessed by the Stars, Lead Our Mortal Paws In The Path Of All That Is Right"

The Leader is Blessed by the Stars, born to lead the Clan towards a brighter future. The leader leads the Clan alongside the Healer, and deals with the more dirty part of Clan life. Everything, from daily patrols to political standings with the other Clans, are decided by the Leader. The only ceremony performed by the Leader is the Appointment of a new Healer's Apprentice.

While the Healer is the Clan's connection to the Stars, the Leader is the Clan's connection to the forest. It is the Leader's role to take upon themselves the brutality of the world, and it is common to expect Leaders to sacrifice their life for their Clan when the time comes, be it by their own choice or their clanmates'. The Leader is also expected to be the first in line when going to war or facing dangers.

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It is custom for Healers to perform ceremonies for their clanmates that are deserving of a new name or rank. The traditional words may vary between Healers, but all stay the same in several aspects. The following are examples of each ceremony.

Apprentice Ceremonies:

Warrior Ceremonies:

Healer's Apprentice Ceremony:

Healer's Ceremony:

Elder Ceremony:

Re-Naming Ceremony:

Other less common ceremonies' wording have been long since lost to time, but it is believed that when the time comes the spirit of the Stars will lend their voices to the Healer...

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