Children of Star
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A Warrior Cats Based Roleplay with original backstories and Clans

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0. Prologue
Long ago, there lived a group of rogues, and their leader was named Star. Star was a wise and kind leader, and the group became known far and wide as a safe and lovely place to belong to. More and more cats gathered, asking Star to take them in, and each time Star would agree. And so, the group grew larger and larger, stretching across plains and forests to accomodate the growing numbers. One day, a cat named Forest stepped forth. He saw the paradise that Star had built, the safe families that he had been denied to as a kit, and sought to destroy it all. He went to Star's three kits, Willow, Bramble and Poppy, and sowed trouble between the siblings. They fought, and the once-peaceful home was torn into pieces. Each cat picked a side: the graceful and spirited Willow, the fierce and brave Bramble, or the joyful and free Poppy. They went for each other's throats, determined that their side would be the winning side.

Star tried time and time again to get them to stop, and at last, the siblings agreed to meet at the Pool to settle the fight. They agreed that there had been too much bloodshed, and wanted to end the war. But Forest was not done, and a fight broke out during the peace talk. The three siblings turned on each other, demanding to know who it was that had planned it, and the group descended into chaos once more.

A sudden light lit up the pool, the single star reflacted by the water and blinding every cat there for a heartbeat. When it cleared, the fighting had ceased, revealing Forest standing over the dead body of Star. The three siblings, heartbroken and filled with regret, cast out Forest and agreed to honor their mother's wishes. The group was split into three: Clan of Weeping Willows, Clan of Twisted Brambles, and Clan of Dancing Poppies. Their ancestors were named Clan of Endless Stars, after the paradise that their mother had tried so hard to build. They agreed to never fight again, and each left with their followers to rebuild their own home.

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